chipsProduction of  chips: we personally design and manufacture all the gaming equipment offered.

We realize chips.

On the basis of a customer’s or our own project or design, we are able to produce any personalized gaming equipment (chips ) like chips, chips and jetons (inc. 13,56 MHz PJM technology), American and European roulette wheels (patented laser technology, GLI-25 certified), tables, layouts and gaming accessories.

We produce directly chips after having drawn and projected them.

We are able to supply with any kind of equipment (chips) relating to gaming field according to a customer’s project or developing our design.

We would be very pleased to have you as our guests in order to offer you the opportunity to follow in which way from the raw material, through a series of workings, we can obtain the finished product like chips .

In our design office you will have the change to submit some new ideas which will be converted into the final article, like chips.

In our work we principally take care of the realization of European and American roulettes, tables and layouts in wool and microfine, colour and value chips, European style chips (rectangular, oval and square) and jetons having different sizes and importance degrees according to the value represented and security required.

We make our professional articles (chips) for casino since 1976.

Our best reference is represented by the satisfaction shown by the casinos supplied and by the pleasure we feel carrying out our deliveries within the terms established taking care of the quality in all its details.

From 1997 we develop a wide range of jetons : now we offer the new RFID technology, improving not only the well-known security, but also the rapidity in tracing and checking the handling of gaming chips in the casinos in the shortest possible time, traceability and security possible up-to-day and always in ongoing development.

Our RD department take maximum care about security casino currency, consisting in next generation gaming chips, chips and jetons with high anti-counterfeiting security level, also available with RFID technology.

Gaming tableschips

Ergonomics to facilitate dealers, study and research for Clients’ position, the natural aesthetics and Italian design of products, the exclusive use of the best materials and the constructive skills of our furniture masters make us leader also in production of gaming tables granting us the greatest satisfaction for supplying the most prestigious international casinos.

American Roulette wheel – single and dougle zero:

Unchanged mechanical and precision reliability;chips the range has been enlarged by the opportunity to be checked through electronic level system and the introduction of laser photocells.

Combined with CPU, they process winning numbers, cylinder and ball speed.

It is really useful to send data to display and to remote terminals thanks to laser precision, that also allows clients to play far away from gaming tables. All collected data can be sent on-line at disposal for people in charge for security.

European Roulette wheel:chips

Prestigious queen of the game in the main European Casinos.

The cylinder is symbol for “Belle Epoque ” aesthetics and is fully realized by fusion of marine-bronze.

The bowl is realized in rosewood, ebony or rose, or mahogany wood.

All table layout are manufactured in pure wool according to the best Italian cloth traditions.
They are available in the following colours: green, dark green, light green, dark blue, light blue, electric blue, red burgundy, grey and beige. Their heights can be mt. 1,90 and mt. 1,70

The wide range of all our accessories makes the functionality for performing the games complete, above all for Roulette, BJ, Poker, Punto Banco, Craps as well as each and any other additional element for the updating of everything useful and verifiable in the handling of chips and playing cards. Including personalized furniture for the gaming halls managers